Sipi Falls :Explore the hikers destination.

Are you an adventurer and looking for an adrenalin experience, Sipi Falls is the answer. The water falls are in series and of different heights cascading from a volcanic mountain called Mount Elgon national park which is one of volcanic mountains in East Africa with the worlds largest caldera. Apart from sipi falls hiking, we have activities like Abseiling, rock climbing, cultural experiences, coffee tour experiences, mount Elgon nature walks,chebonet water falls and many more stunning adventures to include in your bucket list.

Take a hike through the rocky valleys and slippery muddy trails as you get thrilled by the tranquil and birds singing in the tall bushes. As you hike up, the view absolutely keeps surprising you and becoming more beautiful as you enjoy your hike.

After hiking through this heavenly made water falls, don’t forget to move out for an evening sunset walk to the kingoo’s view giving you a magical panoramic views of 360 degrees. Right from the hanging valleys, sipi falls views, mount elgon ranges, Mount Napak seen at a distance as you wait for the sun setting down at the horizons where the sipi falls river disappears at the distance into Lake Bisina.

Besides sipi Falls, You can have a test of purely organic Arabica coffee which is 100% made locally. Coffee tour experience takes you through the whole process of coffee from the seeds into the tree and finally to the cup. Coffee is widely grown in Elgon slopes due to its fertile volcanic soils which grows at an altitude of about 1200 meters to 2500 meters ASL.

There are many different a do-to-do activities to do in sipi during your stay either as a day visitor or spending an over night. We are flexible and ready to have you for an adventure and best recommendation on how you would like to have your adventure worth it.

You will have the best of your adventure with us here in Sipi Falls.

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