Sipi Falls

Elgon’s main tourist focus is the small trading Centre of Sipi, which lies at an altitude of 1,775m on the mountain’s northeastern foot slopes, only 45km from Mbale along a good surfaced road. The village overlooks the 99m-high Sipi Falls, the last in a series of three pretty waterfalls formed by the Sipi River as it cascades downhill from the upper slopes of Mount Elgon into the Kyoga Basin through Lake Bisina and Lake Kyoga as the distributaries. Serviced by half-a-dozen resorts and lodges that collectively cater to most tastes and budgets, Sipi is a very peaceful and pretty spot, and it makes a most agreeable base for gentle day walks in the surrounding hills, which offer spectacular views to the lowlands further west and – weather permitting – occasional glimpses of the Elgon peaks. Sipi Falls, in the foothills of Mt.elgon is a thriller.

Arguably the most spectacular water falls in All Uganda and East Africa at large. Sipi Falls consists of three water falls Cascading downhill at different altitudes and that is 100m, 85m and 65m respectively. Though the 85m and 65m falls are beautiful and easily Accessed, the 100m attracts the crowds. The water cascades down on the main water falls of 100m down slopes to the flat plains of Teso region lying South of Mt. Elgon and disappearing at a distance. It’s well worth Exploring this peaceful magnificent waterfalls which also allows you time to Enjoy the breathtaking views and sightseeing and a great moment to enjoy some excellent. Activities and make your visit memorable

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• Community Development levy through our Charity programs.

HikesDurationForeign(Per Person)East Africans(Per Person)
Extended Hike5-6 hours $2055000 Ugx
Long Hike3-4 hours$1535000 Ugx
Medium Hike 2-3 hours$1030000 Ugx

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