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Discover Sipi is a company specializing in walking and hiking services with our head office in Sipi falls, Kapchorwa District, Eastern Uganda. We have very passionate, informed ,hospitable and dedicated tour staffs to handle all your hiking needs. Talk to us anytime
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william cheptoek

I founded Discover Sipi as a solo person in 2017 due to the passion and the need to create an exclusive offers to the guests who are seeking for an adventure in the East of Uganda ranging from Mt Elgon hike, Sipi Falls hike, coffee tour experience, Abseiling ,Mt Elgon nature walks among others which gave me a platform to gain more experience in the field and as well created a sustainable job for other young upcoming guides, and I’m happy to say that as per now, we are a team of 8 guides who are diversilly knowledgeable, experienced and passionate .
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Elgon’s main tourist focus is the small trading Centre of Sipi, which lies at an altitude of 1,775m on the mountain’s northeastern foot slopes, only 45km from Mbale along a good surfaced road. From $5 per person.

mt.elgon hike

Mt Elgon (4321m) is the eighth highest mountain in Africa and the second largest freestanding volcanic base in the world rising more than 3000m above the surrounding plains and dominating. From $327 per person.

Sunset & Sunrise Walk

The sunset walk in sipi falls comes with an amazing sunset. Bright yellow glow of the sun as it flows over the clouds and horizon is a sight to behold. The curving road leading to the lowland is. From $5 per person.

Rock Climbing

Abseiling and Rock climbing are the main two fascinating activities by the water falls. Experience the breathtaking adventure of descending with the waters of the falls. From $50 per person.

Kween Exploration

This is one of the amazing destination with unique and untouched cultures of the Ndorobo community (People of mountain). The stunning views on top of Tuigat hills is another magical adventure. From $100 per person.


Mountain cycling in Sipi Falls offers a unique and thrilling experience for outdoor enthusiasts. Here's what you can expect from a mountain cycling adventure in this area.

Chebonet Water falls

The remotest and stunning water falls with stunning views down to the plains gives you an awesome adventure and curiosity. Chebonet Water falls is the second highest water falls after. From $15 per person.

Coffee Tour Experience

Trace the story of coffee from seed to cup. Sipi Falls Arabica Coffee is some of the finest in the world. Meet local farmers to tour their plantation and learn about the lifecycle of the crop. From $15 per person.

Sebei Cultural Experience

These are one of the unique tribes living in the East of Uganda along the slopes of mount Elgon and ancient life of the Sebei cultures ranging from their social ,economic, and the their rule. From $30 per person.

Pian Upe safari

The Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve is a conservation area in the Karamoja subregion of northeastern Uganda. It is the second largest conservation protected area


Uganda has a lot of food and is known as the food basket in East Africa. Uganda exports her food products to countries like Rwanda, Kenya and other East African countries. Uganda also has people. From $30 Per Person
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sipi heritage


Located in a stunning setting overlooking the waterfalls, Sipi River Lodge offers cozy cottages and rooms with breathtaking views. The lodge also has a restaurant and bar, and it organizes various outdoor activities in the area.


Rafiki lodge is a mid-luxury accommodation facility nestled on the eagle's eye view of the main waterfalls and the flat plains down the horizons. Its room set up offers you an outstanding and relaxing stay worthy your budget


Nestled amidst lush gardens, Lacam Lodge provides a range of accommodation options, including cottages, bandas (traditional huts), and camping facilities.The lodge offers panoramic views of the falls and provides amenities such as a restaurant


Offering a peaceful retreat, The Mise cave Lodge is set along the highway adjacent to the small mise falls and the ancient Sabiny historical cave. It provides spacious rooms and cottages with private balconies. The lodge has a restaurant
sipi falls lodge


With its serene location, Sipi Falls lodge offers comfortable rooms and cottages (traditional huts) amidst beautiful gardens. The resort features a restaurant, bar, and outdoor seating areas. At this lodge, you will sight a number of bird species
sipi valley


Sipi Valley Resort is one of the unique and established hotel facility with breathtaking views of flat plains, waterfalls and the exhilarating sunsets. The nature's beauty seats on this place with a wide range of trees, flowers and large camping space for backpackers


Tasty food, a spacious garden and clean rooms. Home of Friends Guesthouse is a comfortable base to explore the green and unspoiled beauty of Mount Elgon. The hotel is located just outside Kapchorwa Town, on a secured compound


Crow's Nest Rest Camp is a budget-friendly option which provides basic accommodation in self-contained bandas and non-self-contained dormitories and camping facilities. Crow's Nest Rest Camp is located within walking distance of Sipi Falls


Kamorok Falls view Lodge is one of the off-beaten accommodation option found on the offcuts of Mount Elgon ranges. The hotel offers a magnificent range of water falls flowing from the mountains towards the valley
sipi guest


The art of hospitality being our definition, Sipi Guest House prides itself by presenting artistic, traditional yet modern, and beautifully furnished accommodation with natural light. All their beds are locally made from local materials
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