Beautiful sites to visit at Sipi

Sipi Falls is another yet underestimated destination with vast beautiful and stunning landscapes of the hanging valleys and rocks. The volcanic features winding on the misty ranges of Mount Elgon is arguably marvelous.

Mount Elgon is the main source of Sipi Falls. The combination of small crater in the volcanic mountain and the small river streams joining up with other rivers forming a huge river called SIPI RIVER which comprises of three stunning water falls under the same river from the source but different heights and altitudes of the falls and that is 65m , 85m and 100 meter waterfall

Besides Sipi Falls as the main attraction, Abseiling and Rock climbing does another adrenaline rush for the crazy travel junkies taste their height experience? The water fall of 100 meters is a great spot for Abseiling. The hard volcanic rocks and plugs on the foothills of Sipi Falls gives you a great rock climbing challenge on the 8 bolted routes. Rob’s Rolling Rock in Partnership with Discover Sipi organizes this experience.

Another yet a magical romantic and thrilling moment is visiting the kingoo view point which stands at the height of 1790 meters above sea level with an angle of 360 degrees view of Mount Elgon ranges, 3 series of Sipi Falls, the devils eye, Mount Kadam as you wait for the sun to reach the horizons during the sunset walk.

Coffee plantation visit

The coffee plantations are on the lower slopes of Mt. Elgon; while at sipi add on your experience by visiting these plantations. The coffee is majorly Arabica coffee and grows within altitudes 1600m and 1900m, it is the cash crop to the Bagishu and Sabiny in this area, during this visit you will learn also how coffee is harvested, processed, roasted and other things, you will also be able to see how people live in these communities.

Cultural encounters

Being in Kapchorwa there is a lot to see like the Sabiny who basically stay around sipi. There way of life, dress code, traditional dances that can be organized by the community. Also this place is known for female and male circumcision, though that of females has reduced over the years since it was found to be unhealthy and risky to women, but that of men is an amazing activity to witness especially if you visit thus area during the time circumcisions are done.

Bird watching

You are a birder, you can miss out on visiting sipi while on a safari in Uganda, in fact mountain elgon national park has around 275 bird species so you will see most of them while in this area, you can also see some birds while seated in the gardens of Sipi River lodge if that is the accommodation you have opted for.

Mountain Biking

You can opt to travel with your bike if you are to take part in this activity; it is so adventurous and thrilling to ride your bike on the Rocky Mountains, something to remember always.

Visit the Sipi River

Apart from visiting the 3 waterfalls you could also take a time and visit the Sipi River and the natural swimming pool, it has nice vegetation including the ‘sep plant’ which is where the name Sipi was derived. This plant is said to be a medicine to measles and fevers. Enjoy a walk along this river with its beautiful scenery.

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