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Uganda has a lot of food and is known as the food basket in East Africa. Uganda exports her food products to countries like Rwanda, Kenya and other East African countries. Uganda also has people who come from different regions and have different cultures and staple foods. A lot of food is shared by most people but there are those types of food that are enjoyed by a specific region tribe in Uganda.

A food trip to Sipi , you will have the taste of different staple foods in the area and you will also get to know how to prepare the different local food with the local community.

To most travelers, experiencing new food can be very exciting. Compared to other foods, African cuisine is very unique both in the kinds of foods served and how it is all prepared. In Uganda, meat and fish and almost all the produce grown are organic.
Uganda is a small country yet very big in terms of its culture. The country has over 54 tribes and most of these tribes have distinctive and unique foods. Sabinys (Sebei) as a native tribe consumes Posho (mashed corn flour ) and green vegetables complimented by Sour milk which makes the best cuisine. We also grow alot of plantain (matoke) , Irish potatoes , Sweet potatoes , Cassava tubers among other seasonal crops. Come and experience our locally made dishes.

Resident TypePrice
Foreign$20 Per Person
East African50,000 Per Person

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