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This is one of the amazing destinations with unique and untouched cultures of the Ndorobo community (People of mountain). The stunning views on top of Tuigat hills is another magical adventure with great views of Pokot land at the flat plains of Nakapirpirit, Kenyan boarders, hunters cave astride the moorlands of Piswa trails and the mount Elgon forest is just a thriller. The unique traditional dishes of the indigenous, child naming ceremonies, the herbal vegetable plant (Suiwondet), bow and arrow targeting and the sad cave of Mukuuso cave and its history attached surrounding mukuuso water falls is a wanderlust experience. The highlight of the trip ends at Benet water falls which has the most fascinating views. Sour milk, and taking of raw milk using bowels is another experience of its own. Kween is more of unique cultural experiences, beautiful views and water falls which makes your trip to Mount Elgon Unique.

A visit to the Ndorobo community is one of a fascinating experience and more of an adventurer with out a luxury expectations. Our host David,is a friendly guide always excited to show you around his home area with its diverse sceneries and cultural experience range from storytelling and child naming ceremonies by the elders.What’s so fascinating about this community is its untouched cultures and livelihoods which is a thrilling encounter. The hikes and activities in this area ranges from water falls,sunset walks,community visits,cave experience, cultural dances and story telling, bow and arrow targeting, birding, honey harvesting, stunning morning sunrises and many more stuff to explore.2-4 days itinerary is highly recommendable in order to cover up more adventures and the nature of accommodation is either camping or staying in one of the homes in the community without luxury lifestyle .Porters are of good help too to help you carry luggage and other personal stuffs you would like to carry along. 


Resident TypePrice
Foreign$40 Per Person
East African100,000 Per Person


Resident TypePrice
Foreign$100 Per Person
East African200,000 Per Person

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