Pian Upe

Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve is a significant conservation area located in northeastern Uganda. It is the second largest wildlife reserve in the country, covering an area of approximately 2,275 square kilometers. The reserve is named after the Pian and Upe ethnic groups who live in the region.

Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve plays a critical role in the conservation of Uganda’s biodiversity. However, the reserve faces challenges such as poaching, human-wildlife conflict, and habitat degradation. Efforts are ongoing to address these issues through community engagement, anti-poaching measures, and sustainable tourism practices.

Mountain climbing and viewing physical features in Pian Upe
• A traveler can go for Mountain climbing to the less challenging hills of the area like Mt. Kadam,
• Guided nature walks in Pian Upe.
• Guided nature walks are a great way to get up close and person to wilderness at Pian Upe wildlife reserve. For sightseeing, look out for, antelopes, baboons and the many birds in the reserve. The walks are guided by a ranger from Uganda Wildlife Authority.
• Cultural community visit
• To learn about the culture and ways of the people living around Pian-Upe, go for a guided community visit. You will learn about their traditional weddings and marriages, traditional dances that you can take part in, and their raiding activities for cattle.

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