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Abseiling and Rock climbing are the main two fascinating activities by the water falls. Experience the breathtaking adventure of descending with the waters of the falls, Abseiling with supervision at a distance of 100 meters with two main systems

Rock climbing is also as thrilling, here you are given some lessons before climbing. There are ten bolted routes that are grouped as easy routes, medium routes and the hard routes, climbing starts from left towards the right.nd primates. Bird species encountered here include Hartlaub’s Turaco, Eastern Bronze-napped Pigeon, Lemon Dove, Dusky-Turtle Dove, African Hill Babbler, Alpine Chat, Black-throated Wattle-eye, Mountain Yellow Warbler, Thick-billed Honey guide, Grey Cuckoo-Shrike.


Resident TypePrice
Foreign$40 Per Person
East African130,000 Per Person


Resident TypePrice
Foreign$50 Per Person
East African150,000 Per Person

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