These are one of the unique tribes living in the East of Uganda along the slopes of mount Elgon and ancient life of the Sebei cultures ranging from their social ,economic, and the their rule of administration. They belong to the Kalenjin community whose origin is believed to have come from Abyssinian Highlands (Ethiopia). The Kalenjin clusters of people of today are descendants of migrants from the Nile River area of the Western Ethiopian highlands.

 One of their myths says they came originally from Msiri, a name for Egypt. They lived mainly under a chiefdom but due to the dominance of tribes they found in Uganda, they were influenced to create a kingdom which was formed up to date. With the help of our experienced storytellers, you will never regret your stay with us in Sipi.

Foreign                         30$                  Per Person

East African                 80,000 Ugx     Per Person