Offering a peaceful retreat, The Mise cave Lodge is set along the highway adjacent to the small mise falls and the ancient Sabiny historical cave. It provides spacious rooms and cottages with private balconies. The lodge has a restaurant, bar, and hotel Wi-Fi to keep you closer to your friends and families back at home.

Room with Breakfast, 1 person 250,000 Ugx
Room with Breakfast, 2 persons 270,000 Ugx
Room with Half Board, 2 persons 290,000 Ugx
Room with Full Board, 1 person 330,000 Ugx
Room with Full Board, 2 persons 430,000 Ugx


Room with Breakfast 360,000 Ugx
Room with Half Board 440,000 Ugx
Room with Full Board 520,000 Ugx

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