Rafiki lodge is a mid-luxury accommodation facility nestled on the eagle’s eye view of the main waterfalls and the flat plains down the horizons. Its room set up offers you an outstanding and relaxing stay worthy your budget with rooms facing the water falls at the distance and sunset right at your balcony. The hotel sits on the opposite side of the valley and has the thrilling views of all the series of 3 water falls viewed from a distance. The lodge also has a fully well stocked bar with all drinks available and best English and local cuisines offered by experienced chefs and receptionists.

$75 Bed & Breakfast $100 Bed & Breakfast $130 Bed & Breakfast
$90 Half Board $130 Half Board $160 Half Board
$100 Full Board $ 160 Full Board $180 Full Board

These Prices includes bed linen and towels with rich breakfast depending on your choice for lunch and Dinner.Also Included is a breathtaking view right from your room and Balcony and lots of nature and privacy.

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