The art of hospitality being our definition, Sipi Guest House prides itself by presenting artistic, traditional yet modern, and beautifully furnished accommodation with natural light. All their beds are locally made from local materials. They have both basic rooms and traditional huts giving you a perfect blending towards the local traditions of the natives and house structures They are spacious and comfortable. At Sipi Guest House, they guarantee consistency to ensure that all your moments turn into memories. It has an onsite restaurant and a fully stocked bar and the rooftop restaurant for your morning sunrise and sunset views. They also have a view of the main Sipi Falls viewed from a distance.

Tripple Occupancy282.000 Ugx192.000 Ugx152.000 Ugx
Single Occupancy162.000 Ugx132.000 Ugx102.000 Ugx
Double Occupancy222.000 Ugx162.000 Ugx120.000 Ugx

Basic Rooms
-Bed and Breakfast Per Person Per night 45.000 Ugx
-Half Board Per Person Per Night 75.000 Ugx
-Full Board Per Person Per night 105.000 Ugx

Camping 30.000 Ugx Per Person Per Night

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